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Who are Springboard?


The Springboard Charity helps young people achieve their potential and nurtures unemployed people of any age into work. It helps alleviate poverty by supporting disadvantaged and underprivileged people into sustainable employment within hospitality, leisure and tourism.


Springboard’s work encourages, motivates, builds confidence, develops the skills required and mentors our beneficiaries to succeed in a career within hospitality, leisure and tourism.


By fundraising for Springboard you will directly help young people, build their confidence and give them the skills they need to gain employment whilst giving back to the hospitality industry.


What is Team Velo?


Team Velo is a fundraising cycle ride with participants from across the Hospitality industry. The event takes place over three days and starts on Thursday 26th September from Hilton London Bankside, London, to finish at The Pullman Hotel, Paris Tour Eiffel on Saturday 28th  September.


Who organises Team Velo?


Springboard’s event management team will lead on the organisation of Team Velo. Please direct any questions through to Laura. See contact details below.


Who sponsors Team Velo?


Team Velo is run in partnership with SKY


Additional event sponsors:

–       Sky

–       The Genuine Dining Co.

–       Hilton London Bankside

–       Wenlock Spring


Thank you to all event sponsors for making this event possible.


How can I get in touch with Springboard?


Coopers’ Hall, 13 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4TH


Laura Kay – Event Manager

Mobile: 07554 321656

E: [email protected]


What is the age limit for Team Velo?


Participants must be aged over 18.


What is the cut-off date to register?


Monday 2nd September, subject to availability.


I have limited experience on bicycles, can I still take part?


Yes, anyone can take part in Team Velo. We do, however, strongly recommend that you train and practice thoroughly, as you will be cycling over long periods, roughly 70-80 miles a day, as well as on busy city roads in both London and Paris.
I can’t do Team Velo anymore, can my friend take my place?


Yes, anyone can take part in Team Velo just as long as they fundraise the required £500.


Where can I stay on the night of the 25th in London?


Unfortunately, Hilton London Bankside are unable to offer discounted rates for this event due to demand. Please contact the Events Team and we will be happy to suggest places near to the start line.



Where can I stay on the night of the 28th in Paris?


It is the responsibility of participants to find their own accommodation in Paris.


How do I get myself back from Paris to London?


It is up to each participant to book their own travel back from Paris. Previous participants have used the EUROSTAR.




How many members do we need for a team?


Strictly FOUR members per team.


We have less than four members in our team, can we still take part?


Yes. We receive a lot of individual interest and can put these against teams lacking members but all teams will be made up of four members.


We have more than four members in our team, can we still take part?


Yes. Although you must have FOUR members in the team, we can take any additional participants and put them with teams lacking members.


I can’t get a team together but would like to still take part, is that possible?


Yes. Springboard receives a lot of individual enquiries. We are therefore able to take bookings to then assign all teams after the closing date for registrations. We will use your estimated speed to ensure that we keep teams as equal and safe as possible.

Do we have to stick as a team during Team Velo?


Yes. Team Velo is a team event and all teams must stick together. The team time will be counted when the last member of the team crosses the line not the first.



How much do I need to raise to take part in Team Velo, is there a minimum amount required?


A minimum fundraising target of £500 has been set for each participant or £2,000 for each team.


What will the funds raised be used for?


All funds raised will support Springboard’s core charitable aims of helping young, unemployed and those facing barriers to employment towards career opportunities in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry.


How much of the funds raised will go toward the work Springboard does?


100% of all fundraising for Team Velo will go towards Springboard’s work.


If I pay my registration fee, do I still have to fundraise?


Yes. Registration fees cover event expenses such as support vehicle hire, hotels, equipment, transport etc.



What channel can I use to fundraise?


We recommend you sign up to online fundraising pages as you can post links onto social media or email out to gain interest from colleagues, friends and family.


You can also fundraise externally through the organisation of events and pay the money raised directly to Springboard.


There are lots of ways to raise money, please contact Laura for help with fundraising ideas or materials and resources that we can supply e.g. collection boxes and pop up banners.


How can I pay my fundraising?


Your page will link into Springboard which allows us to keep an eye on fundraising.


We can also send you paper sponsorship forms so you can pay your sponsorship money by cheque, made payable to ‘The Springboard Charity’ or by bank transfer, with a payment reference that includes your name and TeamVelo (e.g. BRADPITT/TEAMVELO)


Account Name: Springboard Charity
Account Number: 83612890
Sort Code: 56-00-27


Please contact Laura if you require a Sponsorship Form.


When do I have to pay my fundraised money by?


We ask that you have your sponsorship paid by (DATE TBC). Any additional sponsorship on top of this would be fantastic and we continue to take payments after.


Can I still fundraise after Team Velo?


Yes but as experience has shown, fundraising post event is extremely difficult so we strongly recommend hitting your target before the event.



How do I get to the start line?


The hotel is ideally located near numerous stations.


Southwark – 5 minutes walk

Blackfriars  – 6 minutes walk

Waterloo – 10 minutes

London Bridge – 10 minutes



Are my friends and family allowed to come to the start line?


Of course! Spectators can cheer you on from near to the start line or from a spot along the route.


What will I need to bring with me?


An extensive kit list will be emailed out roughly 6 weeks prior to the event.


Will there be a bag drop service available at the start?


Yes. Springboard will be operating four support vehicles which will also be used for bag transfer.


Will there be parking available at the start venue?


No. If you are arriving by car you will have to find your own parking.




What are the start & finish points of each day?



START – Hilton London Bankside, 2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0UG

FINISH – Portsmouth TBC



START – Avenue du Grand Large, Ouistreham, 14150

FINISH – Acadine, Le Neubourg, 27110



START – Acadine, Le Neubourg, 27110

FINISH – Hotel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, 75015


What are the locations of the pit stops?




Pit Stop 1



Pit Stop 2

The Links Tavern

Portsmouth Road


GU30 7EF

Mile 51  TBC


DAY TWO – Only 1 pit stop


Pit Stop 1

491 Route de la Mairie, 1

4340 Saint-Ouen-le-Pin

Mile 25




Pit Stop 1

52 Rue Charles de Gaulle

27220 Prey


Mile 21


Pit Stop 2

1 Rue de l’Église



Mile 54


What time do I need to be at the start venue?


There will be a breakfast briefing the morning of the event. It is compulsory that ALL participants attend this briefing to receive all health & safety and event information.


Breakfast: 7am – 10am
Briefing: 9am – 9.30am
First team sets off 10am


What is the start process?


Springboard will stagger the start process with teams setting off in intervals.

During the morning briefing, we will provide details of start times to all teams.


Will I receive a map of the route?


Yes, we will send you a pdf of our suggested route along with a link to online route which can be downloaded to Garmins


Can we make up our own route?


Yes. The route supplied by Springboard is just a suggestion worked out from historic information and experience. It is what we deem to be the safest and quickest route.


Can we cycle on motorways or dual carriageways?


No. Cycling on motorways is illegal and dangerous and will not be permitted on Team Velo.


What happens on the first evening (Thursday)?


Once you arrive you will be able to collect your bag and put your bike onto the van.  We then have a reserved area within the bar for participants.


You are welcome to eat and drink here until all teams have arrived and it is time to leave for the ferry.


At approximately 8.30pm, teams will be led by foot to the ferry for check in.



What happens in the morning of the second day (Friday)?


The ferry arrives at 6.45am.


All participants are to meet Springboard in the ferry port car park directly after leaving the ferry to collect their bikes and leave their bags. Springboard staff will direct.


Participants will need to organise their own breakfast on the Friday morning.


The first team will set off at 8am.


What happens on the second evening?


Hotel stay in Le Neubourg at Hotel Acadine.


Teams to leave their bikes in the hotel overnight.


A fantastic BBQ for all participants, courtesy of Team Velo sponsors, The Genuine Dining Company.


What happens in the morning of the third evening (Saturday)?


Breakfast from 7am.


Teams will have a very staggered start so we can aim to get all teams to arrive in Paris within 1.5 hours of each other. The first team will leave around 8am and the last team will set off around midday.


The team start times will be based on estimated speed based on the previous two days.




Will there be any pit stops along the route?


Yes. Springboard will be providing two pit stops on days 1 and 3 and one pit stop on day 2. Teams are welcome to use this stop as they like. Equipment and refreshments will be available.


What happens if an incident occurs along the route?


Please refer to the Emergency Operating Procedure and follow the steps indicated as appropriate.


What food and drink will be provided throughout the event?


Hilton London Bankside will provide breakfast at the start line.


Genuine Dining generously put on an amazing BBQ for everyone on evening 2 (Friday).


Springboard will provide refreshments for participants. Bottled water, energy bars, crisps as well as additional items will be available.


Participants are to arrange all other meals throughout the event.


Can I bring my own food and drink?


Yes. We encourage participants to bring their own food and drink to subsidise Springboard’s provisions.


Will I be supported along the route?


Yes. A tracker app downloaded by participants will help Springboard identify where teams are located. There will be a roaming support vehicle available to help teams if they require assistance. Emergency numbers will also be provided.


How will I be supported?


Springboard will run a pit stop on each of the 3 days. Pit stops provide a safe space for teams to rest, enjoy refreshments or repair their bikes.

Additionally, a roaming support vehicle can assist teams across the route in case of difficulty on the route.


Will my bike be safe at night?


Yes. Participants’ bikes will be locked in the support vehicles on the first night in a secure room in the hotel on the second and in the vehicles again when we reach Paris.


Is Team Velo timed?


Yes. Springboard will time each team across the three stages. This data will be used to assist with planning future events.



How do I get my bike back to London?




How do I collect my bike?


How do I promote my achievement through Springboard?


Please send a photo of your team, team name, and total amount raised as well as information on how you raised the funds and your motivation for taking part for Springboard to use across social media and other distribution channels.




The Springboard Charity & Springboard UK Ltd

Coopers’ Hall, 13 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4TH


Twitter: @


Laura Kay

Event Manager

Mobile: 07554 321656

E: [email protected]


Jolisa Mulcare

Event Coordinator

E: [email protected]